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12 Hacks to a productive day

Hacks are an important part to double the impact of an activity. And a hack regarding life is really interesting if you are struggling with the daily life problems. To get a heads up, hacks are actually meant to ease your life but the main key lies how to apply it. Generally, we are told that there are no shortcuts to success but our hacks provide the quickest way to the destination, it is smart and you really apply it in your day to day life. To crack the ultimate wisdom to a productive day, you first have to admit that you are willing to use some hacks so that you can get rid of the general problems you face and also try to improve your general routine.

Here are 12 hacks to a productive day:

  1. Second alarm clock

Generally, a single alarm clock will help you until and unless you switch it off and get back to sleep. This makes you late for your work or for your school and makes your impression that of a clumsy person with no respect for time. So a second alarm clock which can be kept at a distance will wake you up even if you switched off the alarm which is near you. This hack is very important so as to start your day with some motivation.

  1. Use airplane mode in mobile

When you use your mobile all day and wonder that your battery might flip and your mobile may get switched off. Do not worry, use your phone in an airplane mode as it requires a minimum of 4% percent battery throughout a night and when you open your eyes in the morning, it can still give you enough call time to call your friends.


  1. Use conditioner instead of shaving cream

Well shaving cream can give you the ultimate texture but the pain involving it is immense and tiring. Use a conditioner while you shave your facial hair or in case of women, you can shave off the extra hair with the help of a conditioner as it will smooth the texture of the skin and the process becomes an easy one.

  1. Stick important message to the mirror

There are many important messages that we get in our day and it is practically impossible to remember every single part of it. So to realize your important schedules or to get organized, you should stick all you important messages to the mirror as you will check it out several times if it is on the mirror.

  1. Use your heating rods to heat your collars

There are some frustrating things which happen on typical Monday mornings like the collar of your shirt is not in shape. To get this fixed, use curling rods or irons to straighten your collars so that you will look good.

  1. Pick your wardrobe the night before

Always pick your wardrobe the night before the event or your school as it will help you realize the importance of time. It will really require less time on the mornings to get dressed up.

  1. Always wear the same makeup

For those women who really want to make their time useful, always try to wear the same makeup as it will help you require less time if you are going to a social event or attending your school or your college.

  1. Use sunglass as your mobile stand

While you are having your breakfast, you definitely ache for some social news. Use your sunglasses to fit in your mobile as it will help you look at it in a whole new perspective and you get a really clear view.

  1. No multitasking

Well multitasking can be done greatly by our technologies but not definitely by us. We should be really concentrated on a single task if you want to do it better.


  1. No eye-strain

Continued use of mobiles and laptops can really make your eyes rough and itchy. Try to so some meditation and close your eyes for a certain time so that you can do your work more efficiently.

  1. Work in a bright room

Always work your important works in a brighter room because it helps in attaining more concentration.

  1. Stay hydrated

A well balanced diet should include lots of water as it will keep you hydrated for longer hours.

So here are the hacks which will help you out on a daily basis.