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What Coffee actually does to your body?

Coffee is the best known among the teenagers as a drink which uplifts their spirits and gives them a new kind of spirit for a long week whether for their studies or during their vacation. Over the time, it has won many accolades and also many criticisms. Most of us just enjoy it as a morning beverage and some of us even don’t know as to what coffee does to your body. Many great thinkers and big personalities have awarded coffee with some great virtues and compliments. And some even denounced the idea as a beverage with poisonous outcomes in reality.

When we are asleep, our brain is producing a chemical called adenosine. It makes us feel sleepy and clumsy. It binds our receptors and we doze to sleep. And so bringing coffee into the scene, the caffeine substitutes for the adenosine and it in turns binds our receptors. Instead of feeling sleepy, we get wakened in our spirits and our clumsy nature just drifts way. The major sad thing of having a prolonged activity of coffee is that your receptors get enhanced and the next time you don’t drink a cup of coffee, you feel sleepy and exhausted as the adenosine is created in larger quantity.


A neuron-transmitter called dopamine is created when you drink coffee and it is the main reason that why you feel rejuvenated at it. The pleasure centers of our body get re-awakened. A detailed report by the Harvard University shows that coffee cannot have long term detrimental side effects as claimed earlier but it helps the body to cope out from Type II diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and many more diseases. Coffee increases our metabolic rate by 11 to 12 %.

But on the other side, coffee makes us more anxious. An anxiety disorder person should keep him away from the pleasures of coffee. It produces high adrenaline levels which are otherwise produced during a flight or a fight situation. It means, coffee will get you stimulated on a regular basis and therefore is not advised.

The main benefits of coffee are that it enhances our memory, more focus but at the same time everything in moderation is better for your health. In ancient times, people used to drink coffee in a very different way unlike the habits in the west. They actually had coffee in moderation but in today’s world we are having it in every hour. That is the root cause for all the problems and all the hype you go through. Coffee is actually a drug, whenever you drink it you get more addicted to it. Your body produces Acryl amide which is a cancer forming property and which the people should know about.


Well everything taken in moderation does not have adverse effects rather you can enjoy it. But coffee is so much revolutionized that it has impressed people to take it in regular periods. The best way to enjoy coffee is to have a filtered one and which is free of the industrial germs. Your coffee should have a clean base and try to take it in moderation just like all the other food and beverages.