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The simplest way to a balanced diet

A balanced diet is a diet which contains all the necessary proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and a low level of fats and sugar level. The main content of a balanced diet lies in carbohydrates. It keeps our nutrition on a higher level and gives us a great deal of stamina.

A balanced diet should include lots of water, cereals, whole grains and green leafy veggies so that you can generate enough strength and have a great day. Soluble and insoluble fibers should be taken in as it helps in attaining a greater level of nutritional value. Breakfast should include a definitive amount of cereals and fruits. It is recommended that you eat your fruits and not drink it. Proteins should also be taken in by our body. Some key sources of proteins are egg white, fish, sprouts, milk products, leafy green vegetables and other vegetables. We in fact burn more calories if we intake more proteins rather than carbohydrates.  Men should have a high ratio of proteins in their food since they tend to be more muscular and more rigid. We should really keep ourselves from the fats. The major source of fats is the vegetable oil which can be found in every major household. You should use olive oils and groundnut oil for the reduction of fats from your diet.


Vitamins and minerals helps in a constructive metabolism and helps in the maintenance of our nerve cells, muscle and bone functioning.

To have a balanced diet, your breakfast should be heavy enough. The breakfast should include all the necessary dietary fibers, proteins and egg whites along with some nuts and proteins.

Your lunch should include all the high-fiber whole grains like rice and pulses like chicken or fish. You should also have some buttermilk and salads in your diet.

Your dinner should be inclusive of materials which will silence your hunger for longer hours in night. Have some green veggies and avoid rice. Limit the carbohydrate content in your diet but do not erase it off completely.

The timing of your foods should also be consistent enough. Have a two hour gap between the breakfast and the tea time and that between the lunch and evening snacks. Dinner should be best enjoyed two hours from sleep so that you can digest all your foods.

Most of the people deal with dehydration and the main problem which causes it is the lack of water in their diet. Water can be taken in various forms like juices or from pulpy fruits. You should always drink water even if you do not feel thirsty. Tea, watermelon, oranges, lemons, tomatoes and other juicy fruits and vegetables help your body in completing the required amount of water quotient and are great sources of added water consumption. It is recommended for everyone to drink at least a gallon of water so as to keep your body in a stabilized and healthy way.


Fat cells are a constant reminder of our bad diet. It not only adds to your muscles but makes your appearance a clumsy one. To fight with the fat cells, water is the necessary weapon we need. Fat cells are flushed out by drinking lots of water. All the broken down metabolites from all the spicy and junk food that you eat are stored in the fat cells.

So these are the important guidelines to a balanced diet and it is quite easy in nature as well.