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The significance of water in our everyday diet

The most important thing you should add in your diet is none other than water. Since 60% of our body weight is made from water, we need to keep a definitive check as to how much water we intake, which will keep our health in a good position. Muscles are made from 75% of water and a regular intake of water helps it to tone it in a better way. Water also helps us in shedding excessive weight and keeps a constant check on our calories.


Without water, our body will not function properly. It is essential for maintain a healthy and disease free body. It is the key to our continued survival. It reduces the burden on kidneys and liver by flushing out waste products. It helps prevent constipation and protects body organs and tissues from inflammatory skin problems. Water also helps in dissolving the minerals and other nutrients to make them accessible to the body. It moistens the tissues found in mouth, eyes and nose.  Water also acts as a transporter as it carries oxygen and other important nutrients to the specified cells.

Most of the people deal with dehydration and the main problem which causes it is the lack of water in their diet. Water can be taken in various forms like juices or from pulpy fruits. You should always drink water even if you do not feel thirsty. Tea, watermelon, oranges, lemons, tomatoes and other juicy fruits and vegetables help your body in completing the required amount of water quotient and are great sources of added water consumption. It is recommended for everyone to drink at least a gallon of water so as to keep your body in a stabilized and healthy way.

Fat cells are a constant reminder of our bad diet. It not only adds to your muscles but makes your appearance a clumsy one. To fight with the fat cells, water is the necessary weapon we need. Fat cells are flushed out by drinking lots of water. All the broken down metabolites from all the spicy and junk food that you eat are stored in the fat cells. So if you drink enough water, then the water can actually help lash it out from your system. So in the process, your fat cells become lactose free and end up taking less space. To check if you are drinking the required amount of water, you should pee clear, that’s a clear indication of how much water you are actually drinking.


Water is the necessity to our system of blood cells. It purifies our blood cells of the random foreign body cells and eradicates major skin problems. It is a natural medicine for acne and dry skin problems. Drinking enough water also rejuvenates our scalp and thickens the quality of hair. Water helps in finding a glowing skin tone, it eliminates all the toxins and cleanses the blood of all the impurities and thus giving you a natural tone in your skin. Water can be regarded as the most important factor which determines our life in many aspects. It has helped many patients to cure deadly diseases as well as helped our digestive system to complete its metabolism. It is surely a very significant part in our everyday diet.

7 Reasons why you shouldn’t skip a leg day

With some great legs comes some great physicality. Skipping a leg day because you feel that you are tired, try not to have these notions on leg day because it is the most intrinsic part of your workout regime. A good hip, a great set of thighs all contribute to the beauty of a lower body. You have to work really hard so that you can maintain it because majority of the muscles lie in our lower body section. You have to tone your hips so that you can get in shape and have a perfect toned body through a perfect leg day. Here are 7 reasons why you shouldn’t skip a leg day.

  1. To be a perfect athlete

Every sport demands that your lower body muscles are in great shape, so that you can compete competitively. Majority of the strength comes from your legs, so have a right leg day so that you can strengthen your other body parts too. You can be basketball player, a baseball player, hitting a ball requires a significant amount of muscles in your thigh section so having a leg day will contribute for the cause. You can be an athlete of your dreams if you are concentrated on your leg days.


  1. Losing weight

It is the most important reason which will keep you a heads up on why you shouldn’t a leg day ever. Having a perfect leg exercise will help you reduce your extra fats and shape your body with some great muscles and you will have an extra agility to carry your exercises. During your leg day, you are burning more calories than any other department. So have a high spirit and do not skip the leg day at all.

  1. Multi-joint exercise

Leg day has its own set of significance as it can be well blended with other important exercises and create a multi-joint exercise. Maximum leg exercises require maximum calories, so you will be shedding a lot of exercises during your multi-joint exercise. These exercises will not only shape your lower body muscles but will also maintain the same amount of fitness in your upper part of the body.

  1. Agility

With the help of a leg day, you can increase your agility by up to 10 folds. An increase in agility will mean that you have an increased stamina for all of your exercises.

  1. Helpful sprints

A leg day will not only help you running vast areas in significant amount of time but will also help you enhance your stamina in a lesser time. You can now run at top speeds, run like pro or sprint with all your stamina.

  1. Enhance your sedentary life

You job or your business can take a rough turn when you have to sit down for longer hours and you can’t be complaining because you are making a fortune out of it, but you do regret that you are missing out on stamina by losing it inch by inch. So to enhance your sedentary life, you can really take a leg day and pull out your strengths and lead a happy life.

  1. Out of shape lower body

It would really look odd that you have a great upper body with all the muscles gashing out but really dull on the other side if you are not having the same amount of muscles in your lower body. This in turn will have a negative aspect on your fitness regime, so try never to skip a leg day or you will be having a perfect imbalanced body.


So here are the 7 reasons that why you should not skip your leg day at any cost which will get you some inspiration and you will definitely start your leg day.