Charcoal v Pellet v Gas v Electric! Who Wins?

Types of smokers : charcoal, pellet, electric, propaneWith lots and lots of completion the streets have turned out to be the battlefields now it depends on us which contestant we want to stay in the war, sounds as if some world championship is going on but what I m talking about is the war on smokers . with increasing competition and options in the market it is getting difficult for the buyers to choose as they get confused as each and every smoker/grill sounds amazing each and every seller says that their product is the best their job is to sell and our job is to be smart and find the perfect size and model for ourselves.

Propane smoker – propane smokers are said to be an alternative to the electric smokers actually propane smokers are better than electric smokers as they are portable in nature what I mean is you really don’t have to worry about electricity you don’t have to worry about the electricity going and spoiling your food and one more thing propane smokers are convenient in nature at least more than charcoal and pellet smokers . propane smokers have push buttons and even inbuilt temp gauge.

Electric smoker – if you are lazy and want smoked food to go for an electric smoker because electric smokers are all about buttons, control, and convenience but it is not portable as it needs electricity to work which mean if you want to use it you need to plug it in. you get electric smokers in2 type analog and digital which means you can adjust the temperature you get a digital screen and push buttons.

Charcoal smokers – Char-Griller 06620 Akorn Kamado Kooker Charcoal Grill are all about the flavor they are less of convenience and more of efforts you need to keep an eye on it all the time ( while you are smoking ) and cleaning charcoal smokers is one of the tough jobs and starting it also take about 20 – 30 minutes but you can always mix different charcoals and have amazing flavors by the way charcoal smokers are low on cost.

Pellet smokers- pellet smokers give you the convenience that propane and electric smokers can give but you can’t compare the flavor that Green Mountain Pellet Smokers give the flavor that charcoal grill gives, it give you the option of set it and forget it and just the way you can mix different charcoals and wood chips and get a new flavor in the charcoal grill you can do the same with pellet smokers.

Gas smoker – gas smokers are healthy and they give you amazing flavor, gas smokers are as easy to use as the electric smoker you don’t always have to keep a check on the temperature or be around so that your food doesn’t burn and you don’t even have to worry about the coal or the woods.

What you wish to buy depends on what your needs are some wish for convenience some wish for taste some wish for low cost it all depends on the buyers need don’t let the sellers fool you be smart and buy what you need and not what the sellers wish to sell take a deep breath and then take a piece of paper and write down what you need in your smoker and then re-read this article you would definitely get the answer to your question

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